Doing Family History

Tracing your family connections can be fascinating and fun.  If you are just beginning your journey or have been researching for some time, the Mineral Point Library Archives may have something to add to your family's story.

If you are just beginning, we recommend that you try to gather as much information from living family members.  Once you have built a basic tree of three or four generations, document what you are told through birth, baptismal, marriage and death certificates, military service papers, social security or naturalization applications, obituaries and burial records.

The Mineral Point Library Archives does not have official documents such as birth, marriage, death or naturalization records for those events that took place in or around Mineral Point.  To access those please contact the Iowa County Clerk of Court located in Dodgeville, phone 608-935-0399.  Call before visiting.

The Mineral Point Library Archives can provide you with the following:

  • Surname Index listing last names that have at least 1 and possibly 4 entries in the Archives' records. These could include: the Necrology (Death List) Database, a Family Vertical File, a genealogy, or a veteran's biography.  There may be other references to your family in the Archives but this is a place to start.

  • The Necrology Database (a list of deaths) includes date of birth, death, place of burial and if an obituary is available.  Obituaries are identified by date and place of publication.  The Archives has an extensive microfilm collection of local newspapers.

  • Published and unpublished Family Histories can be excellent resources.  Currently the Archives has 72 and these are included in the Surname Index.

  • Military biography files have been compiled by Shirley Chambers on behalf of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars. These files include a biography and, often, background material. They are listed in the Surname Index

  • Mineral Point High School Year Books from 1917 to 2017 are filled with photographs and memories as well as autographs.

  • Photographs of people, places or events may be among the thousands of images held in the Archives.  We are scanning images into the Photograph Database on a regular basis.  We currently have over 9,000 that can be sorted by name or street address.  Unscanned images are also available in the Archives.

  • Four filing cabinet drawers (the Vertical Files) are filled with biographical information organized alphabetically by
    last name.  Again, start with the Surname Index.

  • Personal Papers give a very special insight into a person and their family.  The Index to Finding Guides can be queried by surname.

  • Property Tax and Personal Tax Assessments of the Village and City of Mineral Point may give you information on the family home.  Tax Rolls from 1847 to 2002 are available in the Archives. 

  • Atlases and property maps of the city and township of Mineral Point also may indicate family property.  Click here for an Index to the Map Collection.

  • Local history about Mineral Point, Cornwall and the historic Lead Region can be found among the Mineral Point Library Archives Reference Books.

  • Other resources near to the Mineral Point Library Archives such as neighboring historical societies, government offices and church records can be identified by Archives' staff.

The Mineral Point Library Archives staff looks forward to helping you. Please contact the Archives.