Cornelius, William Sr (1831-1896) Gravesite of

Cornelius, William Sr

1896-06-25 (aged 65 years)



Sudden Death. William Cornelius died very suddenly at his home in this city last Thursday night. He had been apparently as well as usual during the day, pursuing his usual vocations, and through the evening, which he spent at home with his family, he seemed to be in perfect health. between 9 and 10 o'clock when the family retired, Mr. Cornelius said to his wife that he would lie upon the floor beside the bed for a while, as he often did in warm weather, and taking some bedding laid down. In a few minutes, when his wife had retired to the bed, but before she had got fully asleep, she noticed that her husband was breathing heavily and unnaturally. She called him but received no answer. Then reaching out she got hold of him and shook him, but failed to arouse him. In alarm, she then got up, struck a light and called their two boys from an adjoining room, just in time to see the father draw his expiring breath. It was an unmistakable case of heart failure. He was known to have heart trouble and on two or three occasions had been prostrated by it, but there was not thought that it was imminently dangerous.
Deceased was 65 years of age. He emigrated from England to Mineral Point in 1847, since which time this has been his home constantly,except for a short time spent in the mines on Lake Superior. He was twice married, the last time to Miss Emma Clark, who survives him. He leaves two sons - one by each marriage, the youngest about 18 years old. The remains were deposited in the city cemetery Sunday afternoon. Mineral Point Tribune Juy 2, 1896