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Mineral Point Library Archives

1958 - Neal, Nohr, Jacka

Bob Neal talks with Laura Nohr and her mother Mrs. David Jacka (nee Agnes Chamley) in 1958; topics include Matilda Hood who was the first female European settler in Mineral Point, the tornado of 1878, the federal spring west of Shake Rag street, and the Klais pottery.

The last ten minutes of the tape (starting at minute 46) record a conversation on March 31, 1958 with Bob and his extended family: aunt Etta Neal, father Charles Neal, brother Conger Neal and Conger’s daughter Debbie. Edgar Hellum appears briefly in both interviews.

The original reel to reel recordings were digitized by Dorothea Salo and the UW-Madison Recover Analog and Digital Data (RADD) project through a grant from Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment.

[This portrait of Matilda Hood is the photograph Bob Neal and Mrs Jacka discuss in the first part of the 1958 interview.]