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Pendarvis & Trelawny

Pendarvis and Trelawny

The wonderful examples of building restorations in Mineral Point began with Bob Neal and Edgar Hellum. Their first project was a Cornish miner’s cottage at 114 Shake Rag Street in 1935. This one story limestone structure was built around 1845 for Henry and Ann Williams by two Cornish stone masons, Richard Thomas and James Carbis.

When Bob and Edgar bought the building, it was abandoned and derelict. The interior had to be shoveled out before work could begin.  Bob and Edgar removed the porch addition, gutted the structure, replaced rotted timbers and roof shingles, re-pointed the stone walls, and restored doors and windows.

Next door was a two story limestone house that was also built by Thomas and Carbis in 1842.  Two years later Bob and Edgar bought the house and eventually did identical work to this building. 

They named the houses “Pendarvis” and “Trelawny” at the suggestion of Bob and Edgar's friend and mentor, Will Gundry.  Pendarvis would become their nationally known restaurant.  The charm of the house enhanced the good food.  With the success of their restaurant, there was a growing demand for overnight accommodations - one of the many impacts of their historic preservation efforts.  After using Trelawny as their home, it became Bob and Edgar’s guest house.  Their first guests were Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Hines.

Pendarvis & Trelawny